ProBe’er editing and translation services, based in Ethiopia, Africa is a leading editing and translation service provider. We work with over 200 linguists who are from different parts of Ethiopia. Each of them is experienced and possesses extensive knowledge in their specific subjects.


Out of all the languages spoken in Ethiopia we provide services in:

·      Amharic

·      Anuak

·      Agaw

·      Oromo

·      Ge’ez

·      Sidama

·      Nyangatom

·      Silt’e

·      Hadiyya

·      Tigrinya

·      Somali

·      Afar

·      Nuer

·      Hamar

·      Gurage

·      Kunama

·      Kambatta

·      Majang

·      Dassenech

·      Konso


We have just listed some of the languages we work with here. If the language you want is not on the list, then contact us.


We work with professional language translators who possess the required qualifications to provide you with uncompromised service that meets strict quality guidelines.



Arat Kilo, Behind Ministry of Education, ICT Mart, 2nd Floor, Off. No 2-30

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Phone: +251118122999

Mobile: +251911714631