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At ProBe’er Editing and Translation Services our main goal is to make editing and translation services easy and affordable to our esteemed clients. We work with 200 linguists who have extensive experience, wide subject knowledge, and expertise in their respective fields.


Our translation services cater to all kinds of documents. The language translation services that we offer are done by experts who have precise translation skills in the respective language.


Their skill and expertise will help you in conveying your idea perfectly.


Now you no longer have to fear on missing out or scoring low due to the unavailability of proper translation services. Our quality translation service works by first getting to know the core idea that is presented in the content submitted to us and then developing suitable methods and selecting proper ways to retell that in your required language. To achieve this end, our professional translators employ all their energy and effort in making available the perfect, error-free and quality translation possible.


We also offer special discounted rates to students who want to get their thesis/proposal translated by us.


Our translators are native speakers of the languages that we offer our services in.


The languages that we work with include-


·      Amharic

·      Oromo

·      Tigrinya

·      Afar

·      Somali

·      Gurage

·      Agaw

·      Ge'ez

·      Kunama

·      Nuer

·      Anuak

·      Dassenech

·      Hadiyya

·      Hamar

·      Kambatta

·      Konso

·      Majang

·      Nyangatom

·      Sidama

·      Silt’e



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